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We want to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchases, but if you experience any problems with your product orders, we ask that you kindly follow our cancellation, refund and exchange procedures.


ORDER CANCELLATION: (Only before Shipment)

If your order has not yet been shipped, we will immediately send you a refund. We always attempt to ship your order as soon as we receive it. If your order is received before 2:00 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time), and if the products are in stock, we will ship your order on the same business day. If you decide that you want to cancel your order, please contact us by phone or email. After we ship, please understand that it is necessary to abide by our Company’s RETURN & REFUND TERMS. (Not here)


--- Steps of the Cancellation Process ---

1) Please call us. Customer Service Phone Number: (310) 532-0115

2) After we approve your reason for cancellation, we can approve you for 100% refund.



--- Steps for Missing Parts ---

9) Please explain about your product’s condition by Email. Email us at:

10) After we approve—only if we have your product parts in stock—we will immediately send you only those missing parts. Otherwise, please go to step 5).

--- END ---


RETURN & REFUND: (Customer Reasons)

We can only accept your claim within 7 days from the time you receive your product.

The following conditions and exclusions apply for all requests (please check first before calling or Emailing us):


--- Conditions & Exclusions ---

[?] Your request must be made within 7 days after receiving your products.

[?] We do not refund Expedited Shipping costs.

[?] We cannot accept any opened products (unless there is a manufacturer’s defect).

[?] We cannot accept any used products.

[?] We cannot accept any product which appears to be used or damaged (in the situation that you tried on a costume/accessory and then put the costume/accessory back into the manufacturer’s package again.

[?] We cannot accept (due to any reason) any product for return in which you allowed the manufacturer’s package to become very dusty or dirty.

[?] We cannot accept any product which has minor manufacturer defects which are common among all imported products, such as the following: substandard or spotty painting, inadequate or substandard materials, substandard prefabricated material, freshness (of food), substandard clothing material, small threads exposed and other minor inconsistencies or flaws.

[?] We cannot accept any product in which you removes the UPC or other manufacturer labels from the original plastic packaging.

[?] We cannot accept any product which has been setup or assembled.

[?] We cannot accept any product in which the following situation occurs: If upon approval for product return, the product is shipped back to our Company office improperly, inadvertently allowing the products to become damaged during shipping.

[?] We cannot accept any special order in which we had advised you in advance (it could not be accepted as a product return); thereafter, we sent the shipment.

[?] Some products cannot be returned or exchanged due to U.S. Healthy & Safety Laws (refer to Cal. Civil Code§1723).

Products, which cannot be resold due to U.S. health laws, cannot be processed for refund or exchange, including the following products:

Food, candy, drinks, and other perishable items

Hosiery, including stockings, pantyhose, and socks

Undergarments, underwear, panties, including all thongs, g-strings, garters and girdles, and such

Bathing suits and bikinis

Pet costumes

Plants and flowers

[?] We cannot provide refunds or exchanges for any products in which the actual product is different the product in the picture.

[?] ALL SALES FINAL for jewelry, watches, LUMIACE products, and electronics.

Note: We are only able to accept approved returns. We also accept liability for any products that are damaged or become excessively dirty during time of transit.

For Costumes: We also accept liability for any kinds of products which have serious substandard sewing quality issues if the issue creates a difficulty or an inability to wear a costume. However, please understand that it is necessary to abide by our Company’s EXCHANGE TERMS. (Not here)


--- Steps of the RETURN & REFUND process ---

1) Please explain about the reason for your product return by Email. Email us at:

2) After this, we can approve your reason for return.

3) Please attach a shipping label to your package with your products and send it back to our Company office for verification.

4) After we receive your products, we can approve you for a refund; however, we charge a restocking fee of 15% (except for manufacturer defects).

Notice: We will provide you with sufficient time to return your products, about 15 days.

Refund amount = Total Product Value – 15% Restocking Fee (Normal)

*Note: Total Product Value does not include shipping fees



If you return a product in damaged condition (except for manufacturer defect), the following rules apply. 

Restocking fee for Damaged Product = 50% of Product Price (before tax)

Restocking fee for Damaged Package (only) = 30% of Product Price (before tax)


Although our stock information is updated frequently, it may not be the latest information. In the rare case that a popular item is being purchased, in large, it is possible that it may run out of stock just before you order. Also, if you wish to make a large purchase of the same product, we may be unable to accept your order. In such a case, we will let you know.

[A] All order cancellations: Since it is out of stock and we cannot know the expected arrival date of our products, we will provide you with 100% refund.

[B] Partial order cancellation: If there is a change in order quantity or a cancellation of only part of your product order, at the time that you make two or more orders, the situation may differ, so we will contact you by Email.



If you E-mail us requesting to know if a certain product is in stock at our warehouse, or about product details, please provide us with the product’s PW-number in advance. It is the easiest way for us to check on our products.

For inquiries made after your purchase, please write your full name and PW-number, and contact us by Email at:

Customer Service Phone Number: (310)-532-0115

*Excluding the weekend, major holidays, and business holidays.



Regarding our total maximum compensation to you for any unfortunate event is limited to the total purchase price of your order. We cannot pay for reparations exceeding that amount for any reason. On the premise that you accept these terms, we will accept your product order. This agreement is binding when you submit your order, whether you read this agreement or not.

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